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Integrity PRO for Asset Management

Integrity PRO from Enkelt

ECC is a representative seller of Integrity PRO from Enkelt, the smart, cloud based, integrated Asset Performance Management System designed to create a disciplined and proactive approach to learn, adapt and improve within any equipment intensive asset or complex infrastructure. Ideal for attaining compliance with ISO55000.

Our intuitive application integrates a digital FRACAS solution (Failure Reporting, Risk Analysis & Corrective Action System) with planning, performance management and business intelligence so personnel learn more and improve quicker. Directing focus so asset teams can become more proactive, efficient and effective.

With a tailored interface for each step of the process information can be processed quickly and everybody becomes aware of vulnerabilities early, enabling mitigation to be developed and evaluated in a single application. It’s fully customisable, mobile friendly and can operate independently or integrate with both a digital control system and an existing enterprise solution. THE Integrity PRO is already customized to Oil and Gas and Railway Industries asset management, which encompass the following scope:



Asset Management & Asset Integrity Management scope:

  • KPI definition and prediction;
  • Preventive Maintenance Schedule;
  • Predictive Maintenance and Online Monitoring;
  • Work orders management;
  • Critical Safety Element definition;
  • Barriers Management;
  • Operational Risk analysis;
  • Routine and Teams Management; 
  • Asset Management based on Integrity PRO SaaS solution. 

integrity PRO Asset management process

Integrity PRO solution

Integrity PRO Success case

Integrity PRO brochure
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ApmOptmizer for ILS and Asset Performance Optmization

Apmoptmizer from BQR

ECC is the representative seller of the apmOptmizer. The unique optmization solution from BQR. In today’s challenging business climate, enterprises are under pressure to increase efficiency and bottom line. Existing asset management tools do not provide any optimization methods to reduce maintenance costs and life cycle costs (LCC). Without a powerful logistics and maintenance optimization tool, managers are trapped in a trial-and-error paradigm that leads to losses, useless expenditures, and missed ROI objectives.


BQR’s apmOptimizer is a unique logistics and maintenance optimization tool that enables engineers to model the existing asset maintenance concept and run an optimization process that recommends new cost saving logistics and maintenance policies.

ApmOptmizer features:

·         The only solution which simultaneously optimizes the logistics strategy and maintenance policy

·         BQRʼs algorithms are superior to existing commercial algorithms

·         apmOptimizerʼs reliability-based algorithms use exact analytical calculations (not Monte-Carlo simulations) for predictive maintenance

·         apmOptimizer’s model can handle large and complex systems with ease

·         Enables scheduling preventive and predictive maintenance actions in a way that maximizes asset availability


·         Generates high savings on spare parts while ensuring asset confidence and availability requirements

apmOptmizer successful for Oil and Gas

apmoptmizer for all industries

apmoptimizer detailed process information

apmOptmizer Brichure
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