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HBM Prenscia: Software for Reliability Engineering


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ARULE™ Software for Prognostic Health Management

Ridgetop's Adaptive Remaining Useful Life Estimator (ARULE) is a powerful reasoner to determine the remaining useful life (RUL) and state of health (SoH) of complex systems. Working from acquired sensor data, ARULE employs an advanced prediction method related to extended Kalman filtering (EKF) to produce new RUL and SoH estimates for each new sensor data point.

ARULE relies on diagnostic sensor data and a predefined model to produce an RUL estimate. It requires a sensor to “sense” data that are above a predefined “good-as-new” floor and below a “failed” ceiling. A new RUL estimate is produced based on changes to the model space; additionally, the new RUL estimate is used to produce a new SoH estimate.

ARULE is part of Ridgetop’s prognostics and health management (PHM) family of tools called Sentinel Suite™. In particular, ARULE is an integral part of Sentinel Power™, Sentinel Motion™ and Sentinel IT™, for advanced diagnostics and prognostics for power systems, rotational/vibrating systems, and networks, respectively.


  • Power systems;
  • Battery management systems;
  • Actuator control systems;
  • Industrial automation systems;
  • Industrial rotating equipment;
  • Industrial static Equipment.
ARULE Brochure
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Aladdin for Maintenance Management



Introducing Aladdin, the Maintenance Management Software that grants all your maintenance wishes at the click of a button!


And you're not limited to three. You can command Aladdin to fulfil almost an endless list of demands in Arabic and English. Be it tracking and monitoring asset maintenance to optimizing production and decreasing costly downtime.


What's more, Aladdin is user friendly and requires minimal training. It's almost as easy as riding a magic carpet! Just fill in all your requirements and tell it what to do. And Aladdin is extremely flexible and can be applied in any business that owns equipment. That includes manufacturing, plant, vehicle, and asset or facility maintenance. Best of all, Aladdin is the most affordable CMMS package in the region!

Aladdin Software Brochure
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Integrity PRO for Asset Management

Integrity PRO from Enkelt

ECC is a representative seller of Integrity PRO from Enkelt, the smart, cloud based, integrated Asset Performance Management System designed to create a disciplined and proactive approach to learn, adapt and improve within any equipment intensive asset or complex infrastructure. Ideal for attaining compliance with ISO55000.

Our intuitive application integrates a digital FRACAS solution (Failure Reporting, Risk Analysis & Corrective Action System) with planning, performance management and business intelligence so personnel learn more and improve quicker. Directing focus so asset teams can become more proactive, efficient and effective.

With a tailored interface for each step of the process information can be processed quickly and everybody becomes aware of vulnerabilities early, enabling mitigation to be developed and evaluated in a single application. It’s fully customisable, mobile friendly and can operate independently or integrate with both a digital control system and an existing enterprise solution. THE Integrity PRO is already customized to Oil and Gas and Railway Industries asset management, which encompass the following scope:



Asset Management & Asset Integrity Management scope:

  • KPI monitoring and prediction;
  • PHM based on ARULE solution;
  • Preventive Maintenance  and Inspection Schedule;
  • Predictive Maintenance and Online Monitoring;
  • Work orders management;
  • Critical Safety Element management;
  • Barriers Management for integrity Management;
  • Root cause analysis;
  • Internal automatic set up for Failure modes, causes and detection,
  • Automatic Reliability index prediction (Reliability 4.0)
  • Automatic Historical Reliability database;
  •  Integrated with SAP and CMMS;
  • Operational Risk analysis;
  • Routine and Teams Management; 
  • GIS, PFDs and Plant layout with alert;
  • Automatic reports and graphs.

integrity PRO Asset management process

Integrity PRO solution

Integrity PRO Success case

Integrity PRO brochure
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Reliability 4.0

Reliability 4.0: The new Reliability era has come. Now there i´s no more the necessity to spend a lot of time with statistics analysis and data collection to predict equipment reliability. Make your life simple. The Integrity pro enable to the reliability prediction automatically based on the FRACAs data. The integrity PRO solution enable a fast and reliability prediction as well as the Reliability Growth. Therefore the following indexes are automatically defined for each equipment:

  • R(t)
  • MTTR
  • MTTF (t)
  • NTF
  • Reliability plot
  • Unreliability plot
  • Failure Rate plot
  • MTBF trend plot
  • Failure Intensity trend plot
  • Cumulative number of failure trend plot


Reliability 4.0

Automatic Historical Reliability Database

Prognostic Health Management