Asset Management  and RAMS Performance Optimization

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What We Do:

 Consulting and Training in the following fields:


Career Coaching Service:

ECC provides Reliability Career Coach and Safety  Career Coach.


A.I  for Maintenance 4.0:

To apply Machine Learning and Prognostic Health Management for maintenance application.


Asset Management Implementation

To identify the critical issues in the asset management program throughout an Asset life cycle based on ISO 55000 standard audit process and implement AM bases on Integrity PRO SaaS software for asset management, Aladin software For Maintenance Management and ARULE software for PHM software solution.


Asset Integrity Management Implementation


To apply risk management, reliability and Maintenance based on different methods as well as Human reliability methods throughout asset life cycle phases. To implement AIM bases on Integrity PRO SaaS solution.



Reliability Engineering: RAM program implementation

To implement RAM program and apply different reliability engineering methods throughout asset life cycle phases such as QALT, LDA, RAM, WA, SFMEA, DFMEA, PFMEA, FMEA, FMECA, RCM, FRACS, RCA, HRA, LCC in order to support the physical asset high performance achievement



Safety Engineering: Risk Analysis and Fuctional Safety

To implement risk management process in different industries as well as the different risk analysis methods such as PHA, HAZOP, HAZID, FMEA, FTA, ETA, LOPA, SIL and Consequence and effect analysis.

To implement Functional Hazard Analysis based on the standards IEC 61508 (Process) ISO 26262 (Automotive) , ISO 13849 and IEC 62041. 


Integrated Logistic Support assessment

To optimize the asset performance concerning the logistic by minimizing the spare part level, downtime and life cycle cost and maximizing performance concerning maintenance optimization.


Deliver services and products with high quality, competitive price and adding value for clients. Under challenge situations we adapt, improvise and achieve results.


To be recognized as the best consulting company service and products provider by adding value to the client.


Respect and protect the people health and safety, Environment and the diversities, recognize and value competencies, team work, leadership and partnership supported by integrity, ethic, fairness, passion and happiness.