Asset Management  and RAMS Performance Optimization

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What We Do:

 We support and teach our client to achieve and maintain high performance based on effective  Reliability, maintenance or Safety programs Implementation.


The implementation steps are the following:


Part 1 - Opportunities and Problems identification:


Step 1: Client product, service, market and necessities understanding.


Step 2: Assessment of Client level of maturity for program implementation and Gaps mitigations.


Part 2- Improving Culture, Awareness and Education:


Step 3: General training about reliability, Maintenance or safety in all employees level.


Step 4: Technical reliability Assessment for High product performance  development,  requirement definition, achievement and deliverables.


Part Implementing Reliability program as daily routine of organization:


Step 5: Specific technical training (Lifetime data Analysis, RAM. FMEA. RCM. LCC, Maintenance optimization, Asset management, Asset Integrity management, A.I for Maintenance 4.0).


Step 6: RAMS implementation procedures preparation (Concept, RAM Plan, Safety Plan, RAMS requirement, RAM Analysis, lifetime Data Analysis, FMEA, RCM, FRACAS. Functional Safety, Rislk Management.


Part 4 Support program implementation and follow up:


Step 7: Coaching Group of employees in daily activities or specific project.


Deliver services and products with high quality, competitive price and adding value for clients. Under challenge situations we adapt, improvise and achieve results.


To be recognized as the best consulting company service and products provider by adding value to the client.


Respect and protect the people health and safety, Environment and the diversities, recognize and value competencies, team work, leadership and partnership supported by integrity, ethic, fairness, passion and happiness.