Career Coaching

Dr. Eduardo Calixto is a certified career coach by IAP (International Association of Professional Career College) who has over 22 years experience in Reliability engineering across the globe working as Reliability Engineer, Reliability Manager and Reliability Expert on different projects in South America, Africa, Asia, Australia, Middle East and Europe. His background in RAM program implementation as well as reliability engineering methods real application, has been achieved in Projects for different industries such as Oil and Gas, Mining, Railway, Aerospace and Military. 

Now Doctor Eduardo Calixto will provide the Reliability coaching service to enable you to achieve a successful international career as Reliability Engineer or Reliability Manager.

The main advantage to get Dr Eduardo Calixto as coaching and mentor is that, he has already gone through different reliability engineering levels in his career, worked with different cultures, in different countries, in different industries. Therefore, he deeply understands the challenges that are outside and what need to be done to help you achieve a successful international reliability engineer career.

What the career coach do?

They help the professional to define a strategy for their career and achieve their career goal.

Such service applies individuals  who willing to have career strategy planning, job searching and job transition/ outplacement by coaching the client and help them to understand their profile, to perform a job market search, to prepare the professional for an interview, define an action plant for the goal achievement and to define the career strategy for a successful goal achievement.

The Career Coaching also applies for organization that need an outplacement service support or career coaching to support their employees to have a better performance as Reliability Engineers and Reliability Managers.

Which are the Steps in the Individual Coaching process?

  • First interview to get to know the professional background and career goals;
  • To prepare the long term career strategy;
  • To define career goals for short and long term plan,
  • To prepare for an interview and feedback after the interview,
  • To  prepare for a career transition,
  • To follow up career development.

Which are the Steps in the Organization Coaching process?

  • First interview to get to know the Organization career goal development for a group of employees;
  • To prepare the long term career strategy for each individual of the group;
  • To define career goals for short and long term plan for each individual of the group,
  • In case of outplacement, to prepare for an interview and feedback after the interview,
  • To  prepare each individual of the group for a career transition,
  • To follow up each individual of the group their career development.



Dr Eduardo Calixto provides Reliability Career Coaching and Safety Carrer Coaching Service in Englisch, German, Spanishc and Portuguesisch Languages.



Dr Eduardo Calixto

Dr. Eduardo Calixto is the Founder and CEO of ECC (Eduardo Calixto Consulting) since 2015, Bachelor in Industrial engineer, Master Degree in Safety Management and Doctor in Energy and Environment - Risk management. He has the certification the Certified Reliability Professional Reliability (CRP) since 2006 by Reliasoft, RAM & LCC Certified for the railway industry (IRIS Academy DE) in 2013, Certified Functional Safety Expert (Exida US) in 2016 and Automotive Functional Safety professional (SGS TÜV SAAR DE) in 2018.


Dr Eduardo Calixto has also the Artificial Intelligence training certification on Artificial Intelligence for Python, Introduction to Neural network and deep learning, Unsupervised Machine learning with K Means (Python), Master Data Science in R, Supervised Machine Learning Tree Based Models (Python), Supervised Machine Learning Logistic Regression and Naive Bayes (Python), Machine learning Oramp (MATLAB), Machine Learning (MATLAB), Deep learning Oramp (MATLAB), Deep Learning (MATLAB).


Dr. Eduardo Calixto is author of the best seller book “Gas and Oil Reliability Engineering: Modelling Analysis. He´s also author of the books RAMS and LCC Engineering for Railway Industry: Modelling Analysis and Optimization,”Safety Science Methods to prevent incidents and incidents and worker damages at the workplace.” And Artificial Intelligence for Maintenance 4.0. 

He has over 20 years’ experience working in the fields Asset Management, Reliability and Safety Engineering for the Oil and Gas, Railways, Mining and Aerospace Industry in major projects across the globe.


Since 2016, Dr. Eduardo Calixto has been working with Enkelt with the solution Integrity PRO SaaS for Asset Management, it's based on ISO 55001 elements, and has developed an asset management solution for the Oil and Gas and Railway industry.


Dr, Eduardo Calixto lead ECC and represents also other software products such Aladdin from SGE for CMMS, ARULE from Ridgetop for Prognostic Health Management, Reliability Software from HBM Prenscia (Blocksim++, Weibull++, XFMEA++ and RCM++).


 ECC has the main partners in China – Quinda Ate, and other partners in Turkey (Proscon), Saudi Arabia (Reliability Expert Center and McNally), Dubai (SGE), UK ( Enkelt and RAMS), Belgium (QStart), USA (McNally).

Eduardo Calixto CV
Curriculum Vitae Dr Eduardo Calixto June
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Engineering Training Certificate

CFSE (Certified Functional Safety Expert)

Dr. Eduardo Calixto renew his CFSE
The CFSE is the certificate which approves Functional Safety expertise based on IEC 61508 for professional with 10 year on this field based on Exida requirements such as:
- Prove experience in SIL assesment
- Theoretical test
CFSE DR. Eduardo Calixto.pdf
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Automotive Functional Safety Professional (AFSP)

DR. Eduardo Calixto AFSP
AFSP ISO 26262.pdf
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RAM and LCC professional for Rail industry

Dr. Eduardo Calixto is certified RAM and LCC professional since 2012 by IRIS academy in Berlin.
RAM and LCC certificate Professional Dr.
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CRP (Certified Reliability Professional

Dr Eduardo Calixto is Certified Reliability Professional by Reliasoft Corporation since 2006 and was the second one to get this certificate.

This certificate program requires:


 - Reliasoft training achievementbased on different modules such as Weibul, Blocksim, FMEA/RCM, ALTA, RGA, RENO.


 - Presentation on high level International Reliability

Conference such as ARS, ESREL, Euromaintenance, RAMS.


 - Reliability Project to assure the reliability engineer practical application which is approved by one of Reliasoft Reliability expert.


Certified Reliability Professional CRP_E
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Artificial Intelligence Training Certificates