Tecsa S.r.l. is a consulting company, founded in 1979 by Carlo Fiorentini, which operates both nationally and internationally in the field of safety, environment, fire protection, safety management systems and forensic engineering. Tecsa S.r.l. mainly operates from its offices (HQs) located in Pero (Milan) – Italy.



Over the years the structure and the members of senior management have become a point of reference in the panorama of industrial safety (particularly in the area of process especially those subject to the EU Seveso Directive) and fire engineering including Performance Based Fire Engineering.


History of the company underlines a continuity of operation which over time has resulted in the assuming of a leading role in the Italian panorama of fire engineering and industrial risk assessment and loss prevention.


Tecsa technicians are authors of books and numerous articles in scientific journals for which they also operate as reviewers or members of the editorial board. They participate in many professional associations operating internationally, as well as in Italian, european and international technical standardisation and regulation committees; they provide technical consultancy and expert witness for public prosecutors and judges regarding incidents of national significance on the occurrence of fires and explosions; they carry out teaching activities both at university level and in safety and fire prevention courses organised by professional associations.


Tecsa S.r.l. makes use of a number of national and international collaborations with universities, research institutes and individual professionals and engineering and consultancy companies with proven experience of specialized activities in support of the core corporate business of reference.

Areas of intervention

  • Industrial risk analysis;
  • Fire engineering;
  • Reliability engineering;
  • Analysis relating to health and safety in the workplace;
  • Environmental engineering;
  • Forensic engineering;
  • Management systems;
  • Civil engineering and architecture;
  • Crowd simulation and flows management;
  • Training;
  • Systems engineering and software development
  • Research & Development (R&D).

Consulting Profile

TECSA S.r.l Brochure
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Tecsa S.r.l.


Via Figino, 101


20016 Pero (Milano) ITALY


T: +39 2 33910.484


E: tecsa@tecsasrl.it


W: www.tecsasrl.it


ProSCon is an R & D company in Gazi University, established in 2016 to provide safety management, risk management, process safety trainings, third party audits, project and investment consultancy services in the field of process industry. ProSCon has four main services which are; process safety management system design and implementation, process hazard analysis, explosion protection studies, asset integrity and reliability. ProSCon carries out all projects with international certification and dynamic engineering baseline in all service areas.


ProSCon carries out its projects with international certification and dynamic engineering infrastructure in all areas it serves. ProSCon aims to create a safety culture by ensuring that all employees participate in the process with the trainings to be determined in accordance with the demands of the organizations regarding the process security.

ProSCon implements effective project management in the projects it executes and does not compromise the quality of the project while maintaining the time and budget of your business by not allowing deviations from the planned project. 


Core Competencies

·   Project Management;

ProProcess Safety Management System Design and Implementation;

·   Management of Chance;

·  Incident Investigation;

· Functional Safety;

·  Advenced Process Hazard Analysis Techniques;

·  HAZOP Studies;

·  Layers of Protection Analysis;

·  Explosion Protection Studies;

·  NFPA 654 – Prevention of Fire and Dust Explosions;

·  Asset Integrity and Reliability;

·  Value Stream Mapping;

·  Statistical Process Control;

· Project Cycle Management.


International Certification

·  Functional Safety Engineer Certificate

· AIChe CCPS Hazop Studies and Other PHA Techniques for Process Safety and Risk Management;

·  AIChe CCPS Advanced Concepts for Process Hazard Analysis;

·  AIChe CCPS Risk Based Process Safety;

·   Chemical Reactivity Hazard Study;

·   Reliability, Availibility and Maintainability (RAM) Certificate;

·   NFPA 654 Prevention of Fire and Dust Explosion Certificate;

·   Integrated Management Systems;

·  Management of Change;

·  Project Cycle Management;

·  Statistical Process Control (SPC);

·   Value Stream Mapping (VSM).

Consultant Profile

ProSCon Consultant Profiles
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Gazi Universitesi Teknopark

 C Blok no:114

 Gölbaşı / ANKARA

 M: 0531 322 27 75 / T: 0312 485 70 01  / F: 0312 210 14 79 


SGE’s core focus is to provide a holistic, 360 degree approach to Asset Maintenance Management. Our Asset Management consultancy team focuses on guiding clients on the processes to optimally manage their physical assets and the associated performance, risks and expenditures over the asset’s lifecycle. Within Asset Management, our core focus is on maintenance activities as it has the most direct impact on the performance of assets and in turn on the quality of service delivery. Using Aladdin, we ensure optimal use of resources, minimization of downtime and life cycle costs and improved service levels. 


 The SGE services are :

Defining assets, their hierarchy, classes and codes;

Building Asset Registers;

Asset Tagging;

Inspection Services – Condition Auditions, Reserve Fund Studies;

Developing automation for work requests and management of sub-contractors;

Designing Work Orders, Schedules, KPIs and Reports for effective asset management.



Blue Shed Warehouse,
RA08VE04 - R/A 13-12, P.O. Box 262260,
Jebel Ali Free Zone North,
Dubai, UAE.



UAE: +971 4 881 9434

UAE: +971 4 881 9435
Email: info@sgeme.com 


 McNally-LLC  provides turbo-machinery reliability services serving the chemical, mining and metals, municipalities, nuclear power generation, petrochemical, petroleum (downstream and upstream), fossil power-                           tzeration, pulp and paper, oil and gas, and steel Industry throughout the world specializing in centrifugal compressors, steam turbines, centrifugal pumps, ID/FD fans, turbo-expanders and auxiliary equipment.


Our services are designed to deliver and implement sustainable solutions helping our clients maximize overall performance, efficiency, and reliability while minimizing down-time and lost revenues due to chronic or sporadic failures.

The Machinery Reliability Services are the following:

·       RAM and Life Cycle Cost Analysis;

·       FMEA and RCM analysis;

·       Root-Cause Analysis;

·       Component Failure Analysis;

·       Machinery Design Audits;

·       Rotor-Dynamic Analysis;

·       Finite Element Analysis;

·       Machinery diagnostics;

·       Centrifugal Pump Performance Analysis;

·       Pump Systems Analysis;

·       Project Management;

·       Training;

·       Root-Cause Failure Analysis (RCFA);


 7400 Beaufonts Springs Drive

 Richmond, Virginia 23225

 Phone: 804-885-0482 

Qinda technology LTD

Qinda Technology since 2004 Qinda has been dedicating to provide advanced and top-end equipment, technologies and solutions from oversea countries to China. Today, the reliability offering is comprehensive and diversified to satisfy needs of customer fully, encompassing supply of equipment, software, R&M service, consulting and training. We are able to support customer to set up a full sustainable reliability operating system throughout an organization from beginning.


 In the welding business, we are so proud of being the fore frontier introducer of Electron Beam Direct Manufacturing technology into China. This technology is the only large-scale, fully programmable means to achieve near-net-shape parts, allow manufacturers to save time and money over traditional manufacturing and prototype process. This world-leading additive manufacturing technology is ground breaking and will bring aviation and avionic industries a much cost saving and faster manufacturing process.

Qinda is expertise of China market explorer, capable of solving intricate problems and mastering many high-end industries in China like avionics, automotives, electronics, defense, medical, oil & gas exploration, telecom by providing the following solution:

  • RAMS program Consultant service and Softwares.
  • ALT/ HALT equipment test and Service 


Contact Us
Room 1107-1109, Cadre Group Center, 168 TongSha Road, XiLi, NanShan District, ShenZhen
Tel:0755-8306 2213
          0755-8829 9015 


RAMS Engineering & Asset Management Consultancy  Limited

RAMS Engineering & Asset Management Consultancy  Limited is a passionate and professional Reliability Engineering and Asset Management Consultancy firm that provides a practical solution for system safety, reliability, risk assessment and asset management to various industries particularly the railway industry. The objective is to ensure our clients understand and appreciate the gap that exists between their assets current and desired performance.


RAMS Engineering & Asset Management Consultancy  Limited  strives to use innovative, proven and reliable RAMS and Asset management tools, strategies and techniques. We invest in research and development to improve the UK railway engineering safety, innovation and provide a competitive advantage for our client. the Services encompasses the following scope:

·       RAM LCC Engineering Management;

·       Risk Assessment, Safety and Reliability Engineering;

·       Design for Maintainability.


ECC and REAMC limited are partner in UK and together will work on UK railways projects.


 113 Monument Court Woolners Way,

 Stevenage SG1 3AE Stevenage.

 Luton, UK




Enkelt is an innovative asset performance management and software consultancy, established in 2005, the company is based in Scotland and operates worldwide. Our services are a powerful hybrid of performance improvement SaaS Solutions, mobile technology and consulting expertise aimed at equipment intensive assets and complex infrastructure.


IntegrityPRO is our smart, cloud based, integrated Asset Performance Management System designed to create a disciplined and proactive approach to learn, adapt and improve within any equipment intensive asset or complex infrastructure. Ideal for attaining compliance with ISO55000.

Our intuitive application integrates a digital FRACAS solution (Failure Reporting, Risk Analysis & Corrective Action System) with planning, performance management and business intelligence so personnel learn more and improve quicker. Directing focus so asset teams can become more proactive, efficient and effective.


This application will improve the performance and reliability of your asset enable your team to reduce:
*Equipment failures
*Cost of repair
Integrity PRO brochure.pdf
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10 North Silver Street
AB10 1RL

Email: info@enkelt.co.uk


+44 7974823363
+44 (0)1224 984400