January 2018

The business article this month propose a discussion about the optimum replacement time for aged equipment based on different reliability Engineering methods such as RAM, LDA, RGA as well as the operational cost analysis.


The business case aims to demonstrate the Optimum Replacement Time Methodology for aged equipment, which supports the best replacement time decision related to aging asset where the preventive maintenance are not able to recover the reliability to a state economically feasible. Such proposed methodology encompasses different methods through the implementation steps such as RAM analysis, Lifetime data analysis, Reliability Growth Analysis and Equipment Operation Cost Analysis. In order to demonstrate such methodology a case study about critical compressor of the UFCC refinery plant will be assessed.


 Key Words: RAM analysis, Lifetime Data Analysis, Reliability Growth Analysis, Operational Cost Analysis, Best Replacement time.




“The Aged Compressors optimum replacement time case study: The RAM, LDA, Crow AMSAA Model (RGA) and LCC method's application”
Paper 1 January 2018 - The Compressors
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February 2018

The business article this month propose a discussion about the lifetime Data Analysis methodology in order to clarify the proper reliability concept and calculation. In order to demonstrate the importance of such method a pump case study will be presented in the end and show consequence of bad performance index such as MTTF rather than reliability.


The business case aims to demonstrate the lifetime data analysis methodology application from the historical failure data collection to the reliability prediction. Therefore, the concepts of reliability, Probability density function, goodness fit methods, and reliability prediction will be presented as the basis for the LDA application. In order to demonstrate the LDA, the process pump case study will be demonstrated in the end.



Key Words: Lifetime Data Analysis (LDA), Probability Density Function (PDF), Goodness of fit methods, Chi-square method.



“Reliability prediction based on lifetime data analysis methodology: The pump case study”
Paper 2 February 2018 - Reliability pred
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