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January 2020

ECC in the Maintenance 4.0 ERA: Physical Asset Management with Prognostic Health Management

Our solution for physical asset management Integrity PRO now is integrated with the ARULE (Adaptive Remaining Useful Life) software from Ridgetop. Such integration enable the following

  • To predict the remaining useful life based on sensor data (online monitoring);
  • To predict the sate of health of an equipment/component based on sensor data (online monitoring);
  • To send alert to maintenance specialist about equipment state of health;
  • To predicted the error of the expected remaining useful life and real remaining useful life;
  • To have a reliable and automatic adaptive prognostic health management solution for critical equipment.

ECC Oil and Gas Reliability and Maintainability Data Base: Onshore (Refineries, Petrochemical and Chemical Industries)

NOW AVAILABLE for access (the offshore database come soon)

Distance learning Program 2020 for process and Oil and Gas Industry

FROM 17-02- 20 TO  05-04-2020

the best seller book " gas and oil reliability engineering : modeling and analysis" in online training format explained by the author dr eduardo calixto

Training Agenda 2020 : Asset Management for Oil and Gas Industry (based on ISO55000):  23th -24th January 2020, Dubai, UAE.