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June 2020

New Book : Artificial Intelligence  for Maintenance 4.0. Author: Dr. Eduardo Calixto (ECC)

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Book Artificial Intelligence for Maintenance 4.0
Book - Artificial Intelligence for Maint
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EC AI: Web seminar on 02-07-2020 at 10 am. "AI Deep Learning Methodology: The Convolutional Neural Network applied for Remaining Useful Life image Classification."

Abstract: The advent of Industry 4.0 introduced new methods for maintenance that enable faster and reliable use of data for classification. The so-called “Convolutional Neural network” can be applied for classification and regression. Concerning classification, the use of images can be applied to train and test  a model to classify similar images such as equipment failure during production, wrong assembly, equipment failure or degradation during operation or even detect critical degradation pattern based on Remaining Useful life (RUL) and/or State of Health (SoH) graphs figures. In order to apply the CNN methodology is necessary to collect a set of pictures that aims to classify in the future application based on CNN structures. This paper aims to explain the principle of CNN applied to RUL alert when equipment/component achieves a critical level of degradation.



Key Word: Remaining Useful Life (RUL), Convolutional Neural network(CNN), Convolutional Layers, RELu, Pooling layer, Softmax. 

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AI Deep Learning Methodology The Convolu
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EC AI: Web seminar on 25-06-2020 at 10 am. "AI Machine Learning Methodology: The Neural Network applied for Critical equipment classification and RUL regression."

Neural Network: Classification

Neural Network: Regression

ECC Online Training Program for Process Industry: Asset Management and Reliability Engineering program

Training Modules: Asset Management, Asset Integrity Management, Reliability Program, Lifetime Data Analysis, RAM Analysis, FMEA/RCM, Safety Process: Risk Managemetn and Anaysis.

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Online Program Brochure with complete information
Onine Training Program 2020 for Process
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Go to  the link to apply for the online training now

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ECC Online Training Program for Railway Industry: RAM and LCC Engineering program



ECC Online program brochure
Online Training Program 2020 for Railway
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May 2020

Instandhaltungs Tag at 01-03 Sep 2020

ECC is very proud to have Dr. Eduardo Calixto Article "Reliability 4.0 and FRACAS 4.0“published in the MFA ( Austria Maintenance Association) Book 2020. This paper describes part of our software solution Integrity PRO for asset management 4.0.


Please check the link to MFA to get also the complete book with another wonderful articles and to know how to attend the MFA conference Instandhaltungs Tag at 01-03 September 2020.

MFA BOOK 20202 - Dr. Eduardo CAlixto Article
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ECC AI: "AI applied to Maintenance 4.0: Supervised Machine Learning Regression applied to PHM " - Web seminar On 27-05-2020 at 10 am (CET)

free of charge

EFNMS KPIs Benchmarking Survey

EFNMS Survey Brochure
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April 2020

ECC AI for Maintenance 4.0 : The Principal Component Analysis (PCA) methods aims to reduce the number of variables from multidimension space to a one or a two-dimensional space and define the variables that more influence has in data variability. PCS  enable the Maintenance plan optimization

March 2020

ECC Oil and Gas Reliability and Maintainability Data Base Upstream: (Platform, Drill facilities and Subsea)

Reliability and Maintainability Database
Reliability and Maintainability DataBase
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February 2020

More one Successful ECC In-company training "RAM Analysis for Process and Oil and Gas Industries" delivered to Bilfinger in Switzerland.

The advantage of In-company training are:

1 - Customised for you necessity

2 - Possibility to have a higher number of your employees in the training;

3 - No trip cost for your company, only the trainer go to your location;

4 - Special discount for each attendee.


 Contact ECC to have the in-company training.

ECC Distance Learning Program 2020 for Process and Oil and gas Industry: Asset Management and Reliability Engineering will start at 17-02-2020

ECC Distance Learning Program 2020 for Railway Industry: RAMS and LCC Implementation will start at 24-02-2020

ECC is now company member of the Portuguese National Maintenance Industrial Association

January 2020

ECC in the Maintenance 4.0 ERA: Physical Asset Management with Prognostic Health Management

Our solution for physical asset management Integrity PRO now is integrated with the ARULE (Adaptive Remaining Useful Life) software from Ridgetop. Such integration enable the following

  • To predict the remaining useful life based on sensor data (online monitoring);
  • To predict the sate of health of an equipment/component based on sensor data (online monitoring);
  • To send alert to maintenance specialist about equipment state of health;
  • To predicted the error of the expected remaining useful life and real remaining useful life;
  • To have a reliable and automatic adaptive prognostic health management solution for critical equipment.

ECC Oil and Gas Reliability and Maintainability Data Base: Onshore (Refineries, Petrochemical and Chemical Industries)

NOW AVAILABLE for access (the offshore database come soon)

Distance learning Program 2020 for process and Oil and Gas Industry

FROM 17-02- 20 TO  05-04-2020

the best seller book " gas and oil reliability engineering : modeling and analysis" in online training format explained by the author dr eduardo calixto

Training Agenda 2020 : Asset Management for Oil and Gas Industry (based on ISO55000):  23th -24th January 2020, Dubai, UAE.