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March 2109

The Safety 4.0 challenge: The Asset Integrity Management for Safety Critical Element risk management.


Since 2010, the new era of Industry 4.0 becomes to be reality for many industries across the globe. In the last five years new IOT technology development has been applied to AM based on different topics such as Big Data, Prognostic Health Maintenance and Machine Learning, being part of the so-called Maintenance 4.0.


Despite of all development, that enable an integrated AM too much focus has been given for maintenance and a lack of effort for safety concerning the safety critical element management.

However, it´s very important to establish a process to enable an effective AIM flow into the AM process.Since the Critical Safet Element are defined and the risk is classified, the Barrier Model is automatically updated and enable the Asset Integrity and Safety managers to manage the risk of the safety critical elements in daily basis.

Upcoming training April 2019: RAM Analysis for Oil and Gas Industry: 08th-09th April 2019, Aberdeen, Scotland.

Upcoming Training April 2019: RAM Analysis for Railway Industry: 22th and 23th April 2019, Berlin, Germany and29th-30th April 2019, London, UK

SMRP Solution Magazine: January 2019

SMRP Solution Vol 14 - Issue 1
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WVIS Newsletter March 2019

ECC now has the patent of all material published in our website, books, training material, logo and company name

Indonesia Maintenance 4.0


ECC has a pleasure to support the Indonesia Maintenance 4.0 conference. Dr. Eduardo Calixto is responsible for the technical review of all abstracts and presentation and will provide to presentations with the titles as following:


"Reliability 4.0 in the asset Management context. How to predict reliability automatically based on the Asset Management FRACAS Database"


"RAMS Program implementation for Railways Industry: Lessons learned with reliability Engineerign application throughout the Railway Asset Life Cycle"

February 2019

ECC is very proud to support the RAMS program Implementation for the Flight Simulator System

ECC has a pleasure to have Dr. Eduardo Calixto as part of the European Health, Safety and Environment Committee group (EHSEC) at EFNMS

The first meeting this year will be at 10th to 11th May 2019 and will be held in France , Paris. After the invitation during Euromaintenance 2018 from Dr. George Scroubelos, the EHSEC chairman and the confirmation from WVIS in Germany the Dr. Eduardo Calixto participation was confirmed.

"ECC is now a member of the WVIS. "


Our objective in 2019 is to be more proactive to the German Industry and aligned with all Innovation and give our contribution with the RAMS and Asset Management solution as well as provide our excellent training program.

Be also a WVIS member, get more details at the link:


January 2019

ECC has a pleasure to deliver the first in House training for railway Industry in China.

Together with our Partner Qinda technology in China, We started our first project in China in 2019. The Project objective is to support the RAMS program implementation. The first step was to deliver 40 hour training including RAMS program, FMEA, Life Time Data Analysis and RAM analysis. The next step is to review the current RAMS procedures and deliver  new procedures.

ECC Training for Railway Industry 2019 RAM and LCC program Implementation for Railways Industry (based on EN 50 126):  21th-22th January 2019, Zurich, Switzerland